Summer Camps

Penn United is excited to offer 3 Summer Camp options for players in the region!

Shooters & Goalkeeper Camp, Pre-Season Prep Camp, and Youth Skills Camp. Each week of instruction from our licensed staff will offer your soccer player opportunities to stay active this Summer while honing their skills!


Shooters & Goalkeepers Camp
June 25-28 Mon-Thurs
9:00-11:00am at Fairbrook Park
Girls & Boys ages 10-18

$125/player – sibling discount!

Shooters & Goalkeepers train separately for first hour to work on techniques and skills, then combine for second hour in drills. Shooters will look at various techniques and skills associated with shooting & finishing – Shooting, finishing, crossing, skills, heading, volleys, bending the ball, breakaways. Goalkeepers will be introduced to techniques, skills, and strategies for goalkeepers – Four levels of handling techniques, diving, angles, positioning, breakaways, crosses.



Summer Preseason Prep Camp
July 6-7 Fri-Sat
9:00-11:00am at Fairbrook Park
Girls & Boys ages 12-18

$75/player – sibling discount!

Focuses on different skills, drills, and activities that players can incorporate into a summer program plan so that they can be fit and prepared to stand out at your school team tryouts – Ball skills, passing techniques, shooting/finishing, defending, fitness, speed & agility. Players will receive a formal player evaluation from our staff which players can use to better prepare for the upcoming fall season.



Youth Skills Camp
July 9-12 Mon-Thurs
6:00-7:30pm at Fairbrook Park
Girls & Boys ages 7-12

$90/player – sibling discount!

Fun-filled youth camp that will incorporate basic skills & techniques into game-based drills and scrimmages – Dribbling skills, passing, shooting, etc all in fun, game-based drills.