Penn United
Futures @ The Centre

Local Soccer Groups- Quality Training – Growing The Game

U9-U13 Boys and Girls Groups (Birth Years: 2010-2014)


Licensed, Professional Coaching Staff.  Feeder program to our older teams.

Training at the Nittany Valley Sports Centre
7 Weeks
Sept 12th-October 24th (no session Sept 17).

Reduced extensive weekly travel for families in these age groups.  Add an extra training session to your fall.

Training Focus:
Technical Training: dribbling, turning, passing, shooting, control, skill builders.
Tactical: 1v1s (defending and attacking), spacing, teammate support.
Psychological: Working with a team, highs and lows, dealing with setbacks, motivation to improve.
Physical (Through Parisi): speed, quickness, strength, balance, top speed, acceleration.

Director and Lead Coach:
Danny Orton.  English FA Prelim Badge and US Club Soccer Director of Coaching Diploma
Danny will be joined by coaches from around the region including these licenses:
NSCAA Premier, NSCAA Advanced National, USSF D.
Plus coaches who have been former college players.


Futures Girls/Boys 645pm-7:45pm

General FAQ’s

Q-What type of player should join?
A-We’re looking for players that have played soccer at some point and looking to focus on detailed training to improve their skills and understanding.

Q-How many players per roster?
We’re accepting 30 players for the fall session.

Q-Who will train the players and be the coach at the tournament?
A-Danny will lead and direct all groups with additional staff who will all work and train the players.  

Q-Are there any league games?
A-No, not at this time.  We’ll arrange some intrasquad games and potentially a friendly match.  Training will involve lots of competitive scenarios.

Q-Why this program?

A-We’re interested in looking at the critical components of a player’s development at this age and make that the #1 focus.  Training, skill-building, fun, contact with the ball, and all done in an engaging environment are some of the aspects that governing soccer bodies are asking of clubs.  Reducing overall travel for parents is another goal.

Q-Program Fees:
A-Training fee: $120.  Includes: Facilities, equipment, coaching, insurance.

Q-What does the pathway look like for players in the program?
A-We want to provide soccer for all.  Players will be invited to the winter futures program.  As the players get older and develop, there’s the opportunity to add league games and additional events.  Players aged 13 and up are in our premier program.


Complete a player interest form HERE
(Takes 2 minutes)

Contact Program Director: Danny Orton
Danny will invite players to the program.

Program Philosophy

  • Soccer should be a platform for development, improvement, and fun.
  • Players will be placed on teams that fit their skill level and play an appropriate level of competition.
  • Training provides players the opportunity to get better.  Games provide feedback to guide our training.
  • Winning is not a top priority at this level.
  • Playing time will not be equal among players and specific amounts cannot be guaranteed, but every player will play a significant amount in games to enable feedback and development.
  • The coaching staff and coaching direction will be guided by the Director of Coaching.
  • Parents must read, agree to, our parental code of conduct should we enter groups into events.
  • Once in the Futures Program, no player will be cut in future years.  We are committed to helping each player improve and will work to find each player the best opportunities for growth and success.
  • Our goal is to have multiple teams in each age group so that players can play and develop at the right level of play for them.
  • Our approach, structure, and technique are based on leading soccer organizations worldwide.  We strive to bring the best possible soccer experience to Central Pennsylvania.