Premier Soccer

If you love soccer and want to be the very best player you can, come and be a part of Premier Soccer. Except for the school soccer season each fall, Premier Soccer players train several days each week with licensed coaches throughout the year. Competition in top leagues during the spring season and in tournament play throughout the year provide the challenges necessary for players to truly excel.

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Varies by season
State College

Premier Soccer is for the player who loves soccer and wants to reach their full potential as a competitive soccer player.   As with travel soccer, our primary focus is on each player’s development and their overall enjoyment of the game.  However, training at this level is more holistic, more rigorous, and more continuous.

Players work with our licensed coaches to develop all aspects of their development: physical, psychological, technical and tactical.  With multiple training sessions each week complimented by high-level competition through tournament and league play, each player has the opportunity and support needed to become the best player that their talent and commitment will allow.

The quality of our coaches is exceptional.  In addition to their training and licensing, they are committed to our philosophy of prioritizing player development.  They know that their primary role is to teach their players and help them develop the skills and understanding to be successful.  At Penn United, you won’t see coaches criticizing and directing players during games.  Instead, you will see coaches using game play as an opportunity for their players to test their skills and to learn from the experiences that come with competition.

At Penn United, the premier soccer program runs from December through August.  During the fall season, our players typically participate in school soccer and we don’t force them to choose between their school and club teams.   While some soccer clubs have weekend training or play during the fall school soccer season, we believe that six or seven days of soccer each week is not in the best interest of players at this age and increases the likelihood of player burnout and overuse injuries.

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Premier soccer should be a platform for players to maximize their potential through rigorous training and high-level competition in an enjoyable, supportive environment.

Premier Program Philosophy & Rational:

  • Players will be placed on teams appropriate to their level of skill and commitment.  These teams will test their abilities against high-level competition through league and tournament play.
  • Training provides players with the opportunity to get better.  Games provide feedback to guide our training.
  • Player development, as opposed to winning, remains the top priority at this level.  We love to win, but it is never placed above what is best for players.
  • Playing time will not be equal among players and specific amounts cannot be guaranteed, but every player will play a significant amount in games to enable feedback and development.
  • The coaching staff and coaching direction will be guided by the Director of Coaching.
  • Players enter the Premier Soccer through our Travel Soccer Program, try out or through a low-stress player evaluation.  Players new to Penn United who wish to participate in our premier program are invited to meet with our coaching staff and to take part in a training session.  After seeing the player in action, the DOC will meet with the player and the player’s parents to discuss what is best for the player.  We are committed to helping every player find a path to a great soccer experience.  Evaluations are held on a rolling basis and players may join the Premier Program at any time during the year.
  • Our goal is to have multiple teams in each age group so that players can play and develop at the right level of play for them.
  • Our approach, structure, and technique are based on leading soccer organizations worldwide.  We strive to bring the best possible soccer experience to Central Pennsylvania.

How the Premier Program Works

  • Premier soccer runs from December through August with the team playing indoors from December through March.
  • U13-U18 age groups for both boys and girls (see age chart ).
  • 11v11 (full sided) play with rosters of 15-18 players
  • Training at least twice per week in State College
  • There is league play during the spring (Apr/May) and tournament play throughout the year.  During the spring season, the team will have a game each Saturday/Sunday.
  • Tournaments are added to the schedule.  Some are included in the team schedule and some are additional/optional.
  • Registration Fees:  Vary based on team schedule, coach credentials. (includes league/club registrations, included tournaments insurance, field rental, referees, coaches, etc.)  Payment plans are available.
  • One time Uniform Cost: $75 per player (includes 2 game jerseys, shorts, and socks which are yours to keep)

Travel Soccer League Membership and Affiliations

Penn United is a registered member of U.S. Club Soccer, a national entity, that provides us additional opportunities and flexibility relative to tournaments, rosters, league play, and player identification at the highest level (lD2). League play will differ from team to team depending on quality and commitment from the team. We currently play in local leagues such as CPYSL and regionals leagues such as the EDP Soccer league and the NPL.

For more information, contact:

Director of Coaching – Danny Orton